BOREAL Nature, a unique foam insulation!



  • Slab-on-grade
  • Foundation walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Ring Joists
  • Attics
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Plafond cathédrale
  • “Impossible” in-situ areas


  • Slab-on-grade
  • Exterior walls
  • Interior Walls
  • All types of substrates

BOREAL Nature Foam

‘Boreal Nature’ is a unique spray polyurethane foam – superior thermal resistance, excellent air barrier qualites and an integral resistance to vapour and moisture infiltration. All this with the scent of Lavender. And now, the ‘Boreal Nature’ foam insulation is a tested radon barrier (radon is a natural occurring gas considered by Health Canada as the second cause of lung cancer).

Unlike other insulation products, ‘Boreal Nature’ creates a tenacious bond to most construction materials. It can be applied to roofs, walls, foundations, slab on grades – and the most difficult in-situ conditions. Because of the adhesion of ‘Boreal Nature’ to other materials, the product stays in place for the lifetime of your building. Indeed, the foam will not disintegrate over time and will withstand severe weather. In most cases, ‘Boreal Nature’ will stay intact after a flood.

GENYK is made in Canada, by Canadians, for the Canadian environment. We offer a sustainable product that contains renewable and recyclable raw materials. ‘Boreal Nature’ exceed the requirements of the CAN/ULC s705.1 Material Standard. At GENYK, we only offer our foam insulations to the highest quality installers. Each contractor that sprays ‘Boreal Nature’ must undergo thorough training.


Certified Eco-friendly

‘Boreal Nature’ contains a high proportion of renewable and recyclable raw materials.Most importantly,'Boreal /nature' does not contain products that damage the ozone layer.Further,Genyk'Boreal Nature'exceeds all environmental regulations by using the cleanest possible blowing agents.


Not only does polyurethane foam have excellent thermal resistance,the superior air barrier performance of 'Boreal Nature' enhances tightness of a building.BOREAL Nature significantly reduces air infiltration and moisture transport.Thus,condensation and midew are minimized.Further,'Boreal Nature',when used as slab insulation,prevents the entry of radon gas(an extremely harmful radioactive gas).


Unlike other insulating products,'Boreal Nature' will stay in place for the lifetime of the building.The polyrethane foam will not settle of deteriorate with time.further,wind loads,extreme temperature and moisture have minimal effect on 'Boreal Nature'.

Economically profitable

A BOREAL Nature application quickly translates into savings.Energy bill reductions of up to 50% have been realized.Homeowners routinely see reduced heating and air conditioning consumption of up to 35%.