we noticed that outside noise seems to be less noticeable
June 13, 2018
we wish we could have done it years ago.
June 13, 2018

The crew from Green Stucco applied the Green Stucco Coating to most of our house last summer.

The crew from Green Stucco applied the Green Stucco Coating to most of our house last summer. This was about 6000 square feet of several different original surfaces including:
  • Old Brick (already painted with old yellow paint)
  • Old Concrete/ fiber shakes (extremely old and painted hideously)
  • New Concrete board including some joins that might have shown through and do not.
  • Old Shingles on an overhang roof Steel/Aluminum flat siding
  • Stucco (modern)
  • Brick (to visually seal and narrow a chimney stack next to the shakes)
  • Various wood windowsills we did not want to ever paint again
  • Flat Wood siding
The result is a consistent outside surface/look to the house (except where we left the chimney stack and a stone surfaced wall) that was the exact color we picked custom from the paint manufacturer. If we had used any other method to make our house look consistent, in a pleasing way, it would have cost us 3 to 5 times as much money. The original textures are only visible up-close due to the cork-based third dimension of the Green Stucco.
The crew was fastidious, and over-thorough, in their:
  • Equipment handling.
  • Roof Walking.
  • Prep Work (took days for each section to make sure everything was perfect, and protected, for the spraying)
  • Cleanup
  • Storage of Equipment
  • Safety of an all-glass greenhouse ( which can’t be easily repaired) that a story of Green Stucco was applied above.
They excelled in:
  • Communication of what was going on once started
  • Friendly service
  • Working extra hours to ensure the job was completed because the rain prevented many days of work.
We have had multiple people ask us about the product and the company over the last year. They love the idea of a paint that gives the strong impression of stucco to the point that the already-stucco does not look much different than the other surfaces.