we wish we could have done it years ago.
June 13, 2018
Vipeq had many colors to choose from
June 13, 2018

Is our house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.??

We are the proud owners of a century home. So many stories to tell but over the years she has become part of the family. Like all of us, as she ages, she requires more care. Enter Green Stucco. We needed outside improvement as the stucco had not been repaired for many years. As with all old houses, insulation was not a priority. We had replaced all windows and doors but were looking for that extra bit of warmth in winter and cooling in summer. We read about Green Stucco in an article in the National Post. We expressed interest and were invited to see a project near us, in the works. Our house was coated in October 2016 and there is nothing but positives. Our thermostat during the winter months has been turned down a full 2 degrees and has stayed there, regardless of the outside temperature. Noise levels from outside are reduced. Before Green Stucco, in a strong wind, you could literally feel it blowing through the walls….no longer a problem. In the hot summer months, we find the house stays cooler for a longer period. We were amazed during the application process to see how lightly the product was applied.
Is our house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.?? Definitely.
We would recommend this product without hesitation. Rick and his crew were professional and did their utmost to deliver the product as promised. We have a “grand lady” of a home and she has a new coat that is ready for everything the weather can throw at her.